A Norwegian take on a traditional gin profile, using homegrown botanicals to bring that piny, forest fresh feel.

Agency : Contagious

The idea to make a gin came to OHD when Marius Vestnesinvited the entire team to his mountain cabin. They set off on a mountain trek on a bright, brisk day in April 2014, in which they picked, smelled and tasted their way through miles and miles of flora. “We had a couple of miles to go,” recalls Vestnes, “when one of the team saw this big chunk of ice floating in a mountain lake. Wading in, we picked it up – it was crystal clear. We carried it on our backs (tied up with one of our wind jackets) and brought it back to the cabin. There we chipped it into pieces and created one of the most beautiful and memorable G&Ts we had ever tasted.

Tired from a long walk, but satisfied with our discoveries, we decided we wanted to make a Norwegian mountain gin.”


Tørr Gin is a Norwegian take on a traditional gin profile, using homegrown botanicals to bring that piny, forest fresh feel. The gin is the proud product of Oslo Håndverksdestilleri (OHD), a distillery founded in 2015 by Marius Vestnes and Marcin Miller, with Martin Krajewski as a partner.

OHD’s aim was immediately clear: to return independent distilling traditions back to Norway and to harness the locally grown and wonderfully unique botanicals of the country into tasty drinks.

“Nature is our inspiration.”

The condition of the seasons in Norway means we experience short, intense growing seasons that greatly impact the flavour of the wild herbs and spices that grow around us. We use these naturalised botanicals to create the distinct aroma and taste of VIDDA.”

The final botanical line up comprises juniper, heather, yarrow, chamomile, bilberry, angelica, meadowsweet, sorrel, calamus, elderflower and pine shoots. All of the plants come from within Norway, and many are foraged by Gardonio himself. The rest are obtained via spice exporters and a friend of Gardonio’s, Gaute Vindegg, who picks spices locally.
The botanicals are left to macerate for at least 12 hours overnight in a neutral base spirit before the still is turned on. The still is a Carl 650, but in the production of their gin and Aquavit, Gardoniofloods it to 800 litres.

Once the run is completed, the gin is collected and left to rest for a couple of weeks to let the flavours mellow. Once cut with water and reduced to its bottling strength of 43% ABV, enough liquid is made for around 1000 70cl bottles.